Service Plans

Amazing Numbers Offers several standard service plans as shown on the right.

Standard Plans

EVENT - from $49.95 per day You can schedule the rental of a vanity phone number for a short period of time (1-15 days). We offer scheduling for several rental periods in advance to assure availability.

Short Term - from $149.95 per month Great for small businesses, franchises, sports teams, clubs, organizations and others desiring a more cost effective solution for specific phone numbers over longer periods of time.

Annual - Discount with annual payment! Great value for longer-term customers.

Custom Plans

Did you know that getting a world class, unforgettable vanity phone number can be easier and less expensive than you think? Amazing Numbers can configure a customized program to your specific needs, terms, or budget.

Acquisition Assistance
Are you interested in a phone number that is already in use? Our professional consultants have had great success helping our clients obtain vanity phone numbers that were already in use and not available on the market. Sounds expensive? You might be surprised how affordable number acquisition can be. This is where our experience really comes in handy.

Limited Time Span or Geography = Lower Cost!
Maybe you have events or conferences planned in different times and locations throughout the year? Or maybe you serve a specific region of the country? Vanity phone numbers can be configured for specific area codes or regions! Ask about our regional plans for a budget-friendly solution!

Here is a good area code map

Whatever your situation, we will show you the most-effective and least-expensive approach to achieve your objectives.

Call us at 1-888-AMAZING for more information.

Two ways  to find a great vanity phone number now!
1. Email us a list of words and/or phrases that best describes your business, brand, product, organization, cause, event, etc. Our professional reseacrhers will reply to you blazingly fast with a list of matches, partial matches, and even alternative suggestions!
2. Search our online database and see your results in seconds. Type any word or phrase to find the phone number of your dreams! (Recommend 15 characters or less, spaces okay.)
3. Give us a call.
Service Plans:
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